Ensure brand success with digital branding ✷ 2021

Let me start with one question and ask you; what is the first thing that comes to mind about digital branding? But in principle, digital marketing is much more than a logo for a brand. People usually can not answer this question, and sometimes some of the search in many forums and answer that digital marketing is essentially a brand logo and is very important. 


In this article, we will help you to have a more realistic understanding of digital branding. By understanding this, you can change your customer’s perceptions of your digital products. Join us to tell you to ensure brand success with digital branding in 2021


The Digital Meaning of Branding

Digital branding is a vital technique for managing and growing your brand which including online branding and digital marketing to grow your brand. Every online business definitely needs it, no matter what products or services they offer. Unlike digital marketing, this technique helps to create a creative relationship between your product or service and the end-user.  The goal of digital branding is not to increase your sales over time, is it!

It is very different from advertising campaign marketing. With these techniques, you can create your brand story, or in other words, you can determine the brand awareness and brand style with digital marketing by digital marketing. By doing this, you will have many customers in the long run. They Are Loyal to you, and you will increase sales as a result. The Huffington Post article mentions four important principles for digital branding:

  1. Storytelling your brand.
  2. Branding creativity in digital media marketing.
  3. Finding data-driven content distribution channels.
  4. Optimizing your brand relationships and interactions with potential customers.

Hidden Power

What makes you choose an online tool that you work on every day? Which online music platform do you prefer? From which news portal do you follow the news? How do you choose which e-commerce service to mention as the best? You can ask yourself these questions for any product or service that you use!

What really happened is that I chose Spotify instead of SoundCloud? Or I prefer Amazon instead of a local e-commerce store. The answer to this question is included in this article! You fell in love with a brand, you followed its story, and you experienced it, and you became loyal to it. Yes, you guessed it! Great service and a great experience was your choice. But how did you come to this conclusion?

Before we had a chance to comment on this, we had to choose a product and experience it. There are many choices and alternative options these days. For example, you can listen to the same song on Spotify with the same quality in SoundCloud or Apple Music, but why did you choose Spotify, for example? What was the basis of this choice?

Did you fall in love with the logo or the name? Or did you have a good experience? Did you consider the ease of using online tools or the color of the product ?! How much did you use the experiences of others?

At Digital Branding, we find many ways to find your relationship with the product. So that you are sentimental about the products and always loyal to them. As the first step, and for example, select online tools, do a Google search, and find one of the top 10 tools.

You have 10 products oncoming and in your mind. You give points to each of them with different perceptions, and eventually, you got closer to what you want exactly. But that tool may not be the number one list! So if you have not used this digital tool before, how do you trust it ?! One of the main reasons for your choice is definitely good digital branding! That product has fascinated you, but in what ways ?! We will deal with this issue in the following.


Not everything is a brand name and logo

This is not really the case with brand names and logos imagine. So you come across a good name in advertising. With your eyes closed, you now have a good name oncoming on your eyes that you feel good hearing from it. Now let’s choose one of the products of that brands and try. If you don’t have a good experience with the product, they not have supported you, or you make a lot of mistakes when working with the product. Then you will feel that they do not care about this product. How do you feel? Am I right? Yes?

Digital branding will take away your bad feelings. And instead, present the positive aspects of your brand, and cause a mutual friendship between you and the consumers. The logo is essentially a visual state, as most people focus primarily on the visual aspects. This is why the logo helps people to remember that brand logo very logically. So far, if you have the right logo, you have made some progress on the digital branding path, but you have not gone all the way.

Brands such as Slack, NY Times, Dropbox, Pitch, Unsplash, Nike, Adobe… have provided these connections well with their logos. But what distinguishes these brands is just a name and logo? Obviously not! But what is really the reason for this distinction? Let me say. They have Emotional Branding because they have something to say.

The color and shape of a so-called logo are just a reminder of the strategy of that brand which is thought out very carefully and finalized. What can be said is more than a logo and is more important before creating a logo, and that includes brand identity, and that is nothing. But emotional branding.  In a way, it is important for that brand’s emotional relationship with the consumer or end-user to consider something eye-catching and clear to the brand, exactly what the logo does for us, but it does not replace digital branding.


Above → Nike. Image via @sterling7


Define a story

The most important thing in digital branding is to have something to say to tell a story, create an event, create new connections for the brand, and define yourself. To do this, you can start from where you started. Always keep in mind, if you just say your product is reliable and trustworthy is not enough. This is important for your brand, but this feature is not just for your brand, Other brands claim the same.

To better understand these highlights, you need to look closely at your products or services. There is definitely an answer. This ideology has always existed, whether it is an online music tool or a news portal. In any case, we need a story to define, as these stories connect people. Let others’ experiences of your service or product slip through our tongues. We learn from the experiences of others, remember them, or have an emotional relationship with them.

Let me give you an example. Suppose you are going to give a promotional tip:

You are a hearing aid manufacturer. You tell the story of a 20-year-old returning to hear. You publish the sadness before and the happiness after using the product. The reaction of someone who has the same experience as that 20-year-old is spectacular. A sense of confidence can be imagined, both for that young man and for any other viewer.  Now, let’s not tell a story! Just say our produce hearing aids and tell us about the possibilities of different models of your hearing aids! Your advertising will forget. This is a digital example of branding that is included in the advertising sharp.


Above → Oticon. Image via @oticonglobal


You do not need to tell your stories in the video. You can write them on social media as captions. Mention them in pictures. Create creative posters, or create a landing page for your story, retelling experiences by your staff. Brand building is another thing that can help in the details of your brand. Discovering this depends a lot on your brand. We know that branding is not achieved overnight. Stories are not for overnight and need to be occupied with the mind around the clock.

To becoming your brand, all the above processes must be going through. If you do not do these processes, your opponent will definitely win, and if you do not have a competitor, you will soon have a winning competitor. One way to succeed in doing this is to have the right needs assessment of your customers. You need to care about them and listen to those who are better than them. So they can help you grow your product! Save time and effort with this information as you grow your product – double-click!


Getting Started Working on Digital Branding for Your Brand

If you need help in branding your products, you can contact us and tell us your needs. We’ll help you with an open mind and provide you with solutions to tell your stories. Because you are in control of your business. By asking the right questions we can help you come up with solutions to your brand identity. Let’s grow.

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